The Law of Gravity

from by M. McCormack M. OHara

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I never took to rhyme or reason
the way i took to other things
hit the ground like i was running
with a pack of pilgrims
swore that i was praying
but i was just panicing for the sick
you played all the songs that told me
it's the motive not the means and not the end
and mother nature loves to get a good run for her money
but noone's ever given her the slip

like lightening hit the hanging tree
the night before they came for me
there's an abandoned confession in a basket by the door
the old dog's still sniffing for a wishbone in a dead greycrow

i saw all the limbs you had to land on
all the times you'd had to fall
saw your nerves hung out round your shoulders
i put a coat over it all
robbed the coins out of your couch
touched the wood it didn't count
said it's just another flirting vice
that hangs around my door at night
we met about a million times
but ill quit before i get behind

I went back to see the rebels headstones
you showed me when i was small
now the place is like a shark's mouth
teeth coming up out of the ground
and im just some bodysnatcher
underneath the watchtower looming down

I met the crosswind on the bridge
blowing bleak up off the water
saw one scavenger for sorrow
it'll have to swoop again tomorrow
there was nothing anywhere but the ware and the tare
and the sound of your bells started weighin in
you'd explained how the law of gravity
applies to everything and everybody
and anyone can fall out of everybody's arms
i didn't understand it until now


from Botched Fairytale, track released August 15, 2011


tags: other Longford


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Botched Fairytale Longford, Ireland

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