Steelcapped Toes

from by M. McCormack M. OHara

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steel capped toes tin heads and leather faces
do badgers live in sets or in bunkers or burrows
we only see them when they're dead
well bred, you don't need any sense of direction
when the world is your ashtray and your spittoon

you've danced for your dinner
marched in for your winner
now you've been sent in for the kill
with a gecko on your feet
and a fur around your neck
the woods are growing furniture
now you're the one we're rooting for
the lake is frozen over
but you don't wait around for nature
in that garb that you were made for
doing what your saviour said

you've danced for your dinner
marched in for your winner
now you're in way over your head
with a sniper at your heels
and a number round your neck
the bodyheat of heavy prey
turned the snow to slush and clay
the wild man's taken over now
it's haywire in the crossfire
so what was all that protocol for
asking for your next of kin

you've drilled for the dummyrun
crashtested everyone
blueprints think in single file
shine the boots that walk the dirt
watch the merceneries wash up
in a mosh pit you boobietrapped
with your hands tied behind your back
the messhall's out of order
you shift the dirt and heave and haul
in the trudge around the mountain
but you haven't budged the borders


from Botched Fairytale, track released August 15, 2011


tags: other Longford


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Botched Fairytale Longford, Ireland

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