None of Your Money

from by M. McCormack M. OHara

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If it was an invasion we didn't know where they came from
Even the news didn't know what it was
THey're were archetits everywhere getting the grotty look off
They said we'd different necessities now

THe streets were full of rumours
An aquaintance of some stranger said the world went out of business
Flogging tapers to the devil
Lost everything that anybody owned

It was rainin down confetti
From their paper cut machettis
precision nics and cuts that hit
Exactly where it really hurt
Took everything that anybody owned

It's a loud and horrible sound
All of the clamour coming out of his mouth
Pay your share of blood and hair
None of your money's any good here

They'd dibs on the deeds
To all of the needs
Pocession was all of the law
They said the prize that your eye's on
Is just up that horizon
Follow the queue to the skywriting star

The wait was worse than we thought
But the billboards said swifter than god
So we followed til our three wise wishes
Festered in the trickery
Turned into offerings of death and tax and spam

THe lines were so long they went slack
We were falling away at the back
THe PA stopped whisperin
When the wind went against him
Turned off the speakers said we weren't listening

When we got there he'd his feet on the counter
And with a face like his father
Said it's a bitter old tablet
But you're lucky to have it
And you must not bite the hand that's the quickest


from Botched Fairytale, track released August 15, 2011


tags: other Longford


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Botched Fairytale Longford, Ireland

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