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we go by the toll with the rest of the world
and a battering ram to the watering hole
the barman is friendly says the kegs are long empty
but everyone's welcone yeah bring your own beer
the stage is all scattered the band stand on tables
and we dance around by their feet
the world is all broken the glasses all filthy
we're drinking our whiskey down neat

rounds go round in doses
i've seen that one before
seen all those undead voices
saying i should know more

with eyes gone all beady we'd outstayed by weeks
should've sawn off the losses should've gone home to sleep
there's roadkill in the cobwebs dropping like flies
only six of us left to set the scene for the crime
doused in deoderant and rinsed in the sink
carrying on though my money's long spent
i'll take what i can get there's no earlyhouse yet
just barbed wire and shutters and the last of the dregs

we passed round a spliff to ward off the damage
on a manky old couch behind ganley's garage
then me and mulvaney the last two left standing
climbed up on the roof of the old cash&carry
the sun started to rise up through the muck and the mist
lighting us warped as we wandered the streets
everything twisted with myxomatosis
you could've smashed up my nose and i wouldn't have known it
now i wake by the knell in this half baked hell
to a bottle of plonk with an involuntary yell
wishing i'd stabbed her with cold blooded menace
or martyred some bastard so they'd nail on the sentence
the laneway was cobbelled in cardboard and vomit
where me and the alleyrats watched
mulvaney in bits she was having a fit
i left her flapping like a fish in the gutter


from Botched Fairytale, track released August 15, 2011


tags: other Longford


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Botched Fairytale Longford, Ireland

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