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they took you out the back way
they kicked the last ounce of sense right out of you
you just scratched and pleaded along the ground
giving it all away
you're fireing from all cylinders today

each night your mother
she picks the splinters out
of whatever two tonne testimony
whatever hard boiled story
about being too big for this place
foot in your mouth gets the bad taste out
you got the makings of a nasty bite there

she's screaming from the rafters
they think they got me all wrapped up in plaster
i hear them quoting from the riot act
but i'm laughing in their faces
i'm saving up all of my wages
i'm leaving this town tomorrow
and my ma's going to keep my rumours basted

spitting in the fire
until you're sitting by the ashes
hanging round til morning
watching them sweeping up your wishes
and you would've pissed yourself laughing
if someone said that this could happen
as you ready steadied on the chains
then didn't bother leaving when they snapped
now you know your way around the jukebox
and how to play it like you're doing them all a favour
you blame it all on bad luck
and noone gets a word in
with all this talk of leaving
and this shit stirring with your coat on


from Botched Fairytale, track released August 15, 2011


tags: other Longford


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Botched Fairytale Longford, Ireland

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